Monday, August 21, 2006


So I spent this weekend mainly involved in crafting. On our way to Crawler's Nest, Valynne and I tried out Taritai's trick to get them to drop tree cuttings (yup Valynne reads but never posts comments). Unfortunately we didn't get any. Now that I look at it, I did it backwards. I'm supposed to tell them their pretty first and then slap them. Hrm. Will have to try that.

I have this urge to level my clothcraft again. I stopped because I could never get enough silk threads. So I figured try to do Hunter's Cotton (can desynth things for cotton threads), but I wanted to be able to make my own caprace powder. Which meant bonecrafting to 21. Now bonecrafting is expensive. Bone chips don't drop very often for me. I hunted bone chips in KRT by the crypt ghost. I ended up with 3 stacks of chips, 1 martial slacks (killed Crypt Ghost x 2, drop x 1) and 3 battle gloves (keys were dropping like flies). So I ended up buying from the guild and the AH. Basically made bone hairpins till 4, then bone arrowheads until 9, and bone rings until 17. After that I did caprace Powder until 21 (buying from the AH). Did beetle rings until 25 (after hunting some beetles and also buying from AH). Now I had been leveling Verrick's Leathercraft (yes third time through leather 0-30) and had been at 18 on dhalmel leather. So I got Val to come with me and we killed tons of dhalmels. I capped at 21 leather, but femur did not drop as often. So I ended up buying femurs from the AH to finish gelatin until cap 28. Next up was beetle arrowheads. So I hunted beetles in crawler's Nest (they actually drop the shells and jaws at not a bad rate). I saw my first Fire Elemental and Lanoire and our NPCs beat up the elemental!

I had invited Lanoire earlier in the day and she later came to skill up her sword. Now I had been in CN for the last 4 hours, no parties there. Later we moved to a tunnel because Lanoire would aggro. I get this shout can you move your NPC you're taking our mobs. Someone in the LS (who did not have his pearl on earlier) tells me in LS chat move now. I was kind of upset. They techinically camped upon us, I had been there for hours. I even had a comment saying that I was there. It turns out someone else was killing beetles as well so there were not as many mobs as there had been before. Maybe I was wrong, who knows, but I think that if you're there first you have priority. Anyways, we changed to exorays to get mushroom drops and did a few beetles here and there.

The next day I was back farming shells and jaws, no parties there. Valynne came along and we beat up stuff while she leveled dagger, sword, great axe, and staff. It got hairy once when I accidentally pulled 4 exorays together. I actually used benediction and we survived. Our NPCs have leveled as well. All in all I think I have 4 stacks of beetle jaws, hopefully it will take me further in bonecraft. Next up would be black tiger fangs. On the other hand I have a lot of caprace powder to start making Hunter's Cotton.

Yesterday, Valynne and I leveled our MNK and BLM. Valynne needed to level her BLM for her WHM sub. MNK for me was a SUB for WAR (and since it was near Val's level). We started off in Konschtat Highlands killing bees and sheeps for about 30-60 experience points. Guankim came later and *shock* powerleveled us. Yes, we were powerleveled. On the other hand, I don't think I'm going to be leveling MNK in a party. Hehehe. We got to 14, killing lizzards and gobs. It was funny this NIN in another party tried to ditch his party and join us for 15K. I told him, sorry I'm duoing with my friend tonight. There was his BST that kept linking and running to Guankim to save him. I would have let him die, BST must learn to deal with death. But turns out Guankim reminded me that this was the guy that helped us duo WAR/NIN tank while we were leveling RDM+BRD combo. The scary thing is Valynne liked BLM. Probably because not as stressful as WHM ^^.

Tonight is the 20s static of NIN/WAR, NIN/WAR, WHM/BLM, SAM/WAR, WAR, MNK and a pick up 6th. Getting NIN closer to full sub. Ugh, painful.


taritai said...


What was the point of me telling you the secrets of getting cuttings for you to destroy the technique!?

;x Pretty first, THEN slap!

^^ You're such a little treasure hunter. Isn't bonecrafting fuuuun?

On Shiva, you get little to nothing back for your efforts ; ;. Except horn rings...I think I got back 50% profit for those?

Even at 40 skill it's hard ; ;

Guankim said...

Told ya :P If I say I'm going to do some, it's hell or highwater (more likely RL interference) that would cause me not to complete what I said. That's what honor is all about, my friend. ^^ And yes, I did decline a RDM party for it, you shouldn't have been /shocked :P

Faulsey said...

Crafting crafting crafting... That consumed me for weeks ; ;

Congrats on your various levels, and, not only am I surprised that was you first fire elemental... Do you get fire element in CN? o.O

Darrett said...

Fausley, apparently so. I know water spawns there, but I swear to gosh, that a Fire Elemental popped up in the big square room in Crawler's Nest. Promise!

Joey (Eckardt) said...

Elementals are fun. I took on a water and air one (of course in easier areas) and it wasn't too bad. Then of course when you encounter them in areas like Garlaige... uhh different story :)

Crafting... I'm only cooking til I can't stand it (which will probably be when I hit 100), then move onto something else (prolly alchemy). Though I really need to get something to 75 soon so I can go farming nice and easy :D

Alcindor said...

Yah, that gets me perturbed too... When other ppl tell you to go some place else... sigh! I think everyone has the right to be anywhere they want to be; we all pay to play... I wouldn't have moved... But that's just me...