Thursday, August 24, 2006

New People

Got an interesting tell from Willium while I was in Crawler's Nest getting scorpion claws for bonecrafting. He said that he knew me but I didn't know him. Turns out that he is from the UK that found my site through Taritai. He also noticed that I posted on We had a nice chat and I made a new Tarutaru WHM friend.

Eckardt is from my marathon leveling day. Turns out he is from HI. And I actually know who he is. I must put a quote from him as well.

Today I killed an NM with Enedin. We didn't get the magic slack drop. But it was fun chatting with him. Turns out he is a tall Belgian (6'1") and his brother Vlacatocc is even taller (6'6"). And I'm super short at 5'6.75" (yes .75" hehe, can't say I'm 7" ; ;)

On our last Dynamis run we tried Windurst. We actually were doing quite well until almost the entire alliance wiped to a Astral Flow from an enemy SMN. Myself and another WHM survived as we were resting for some MP far away. So we raised them all and got on our way. We were trying for a time extention by sneaking past a lot of mobs. All of a sudden a whole train of statues and Yagudos came on us and we had another total wipe ; ; Sadly we have not won yet, but we seem to be getting closer each time. This time, unfortunately, no AFv2 dropped. But only died 2x this time. Yay.

Now if you want to be entertained please read Allakazham WHM forums and find psots by Clefairy. They are Anna on Garuda and they posted a rant, Those hate THF/WHM and WHM/THF are elitist bigots and can go to hell. Unfortunately after getting a lot of angry posts and constructive criticism with them talking in circles (trying to defend themselves against an overwhelming opinion and basically sounding stupid) they erased the first post. But the posts after have many quotes and should give you an idea. Then they post something about giving everyone hugs like they are bipolar. I know Alcindor had the pleasure of partying with them as a THF/WHM. I'm still waiting for Anna to post in the THF forum about the magic of THF/WHM. Apparently they're too chicken.

First thread

Second thread

You will get to see yours truly posting in the forum. Some people get on my nerves and this person does. Unfortunately they keep on leveling. *sigh*


Guankim said...

Sadly, they'll probably be 75 before I am too >.> Ahhh, for the time! hehe

Joey (Eckardt) said...

Hey nevermind taking my comments out of context ;)

But I guess I am huh... you tell me to ask to get a Teleport-Dem Can I have it? and like 5 minutes later I went from Whitegate to Jeuno to pick your tarutaru up :D Express service eh? XD

Alcindor said...

WOW! You are famous... Everyone knows the name VERRICK... I wonder what lvl of fame that would be if there is a such thing (for real adventurers knowing your name)? :P They should make one...

Kalaria said...

Hi Verrick! It's me Kalaria, I'm having fun reading your blog. LOL I still cant believe I didn't die during that Dynamis-Windy wipe. XD
See you online,
<3 Kala