Friday, August 18, 2006

Worldhopping to SHIVA!

So I hoppped, skipped, and jumped over to Shiva to see Taritai after she gave me a worldpass to Shiva. I created a small model Tarutaru who I named Rrev (figure that one out please). When taritai finally found me she noticed how pretty I looked. Lol. So I had some fun running around Shiva and chatting with Taritai. We talked about creole languages. I learned that English is actually the "official" language of Jamaica, but there is a Jamacian Creole, probably similar in some ways to the Hawaiian Creole known as pidgin. She said she cannot speak the JC. I said I sound really funny, like a mainlander, when I try and speak pidgin. Go figure. Must have been going to Catholic school from K-6 and then Punahou from 7-12. I have some inflections of pidgin in my speech, particularly noticable after I attended the University of Hawaii. *grin* Moat Carps are so much cheaper on Shiva, about 7K a stack in Windy. Tarutaru rice as going for 24-25K a stack. My friend Valynne (who incidentally does not have a blog, nor does she really leave comments) would be rich (she grows the darn rice, but the prices on Garuda have fluctuated a lot lately). Taritai got me my yukata so I could ditch the starting tarutaru gear (I hate how it looks). And Rrev became a level 4 WHM. Without much gil. He did put a stack of earth crystals up for 2K, hopefully it sells. He'll have to do some quests so he can get a fishing rod and some bait. It was fun chatting with taritai. I'll end this Shivaian part with some quotes from her (and the one in pink is from me, I wrote it when I could not hit a mandragora for beans with my onion rod) and a pic of the both of us.

I did some crafting on Verrick yesterday. Poor Verrick, I tend to ignore his crafting needs in favor of my mules. But I farmed a whole crap load (13 stacks of lizard skins) so he couold power his way through lizard cestis. So Verrick has a leathercraft of 18.3 now (used the 30 dhalmel hides I was saving, so now I have some dhalmel leather again, and more space). I started working on bonecrafting, but realize I need a whole tone of bone chips. So I think I will try some farming of them. See if I can get it easily or not. He got his bone crafting to level 6. Just 15 more levels before caprace powder. Crafted my goldfishbowl before, but finally put it in my mog house. I have enough to make my fighting fish tank, just have to find a betta on the AH.

Now as I was crafting away in the bonecraft guild, I noticed this mithra NPC out of the corner of my eye. I guess working with bone can really be a rapturous occasion. Anyone have a good title for this screen shot?


taritai said...



...not really

:D It was so good to see you! Hey man, I OFFERED to pay for your rod but you didn't want it! Yet I have to take your lizard eggs

Stubborn Noble's Tunic!

Yeah...being a bonecrafter I have to see that mithra all the time. I call her Pinsy. >_>; I'm not sure she actually enjoys what she's doing. If you notice, she's stretching after laboring.. maybe she's just enjoying the stretch.

...Yeah, let's go with that.

; ; I don't know what I'd label it is as though.

Faulsey said...

Rrev = Verr.

What do I win?!?!?


Alcindor said...

I just have one thing to say... You are crazy!!!

Guankim said...

Hmmmm...captions? Actually, upon your pic dragging my mind lower into the gutter, Tar's quote here had me dying in laughter...

"Hey man, I OFFERED to pay for your rod but you didn't want it! Yet I have to take your lizard eggs" -- Good caption.