Monday, August 14, 2006

Mog Lockers

I just saw this on someone's FFXI blog. Apparently you can trade a lot of bronze coins at one time and extend your lease on your mog house. So I don't have to return to Aht Urghan every 5 days to renew my lease. Damnit, I wish I had seen this post a long time ago!

Anyways, My first dynamis experience was ... interesting. Wiped 2 x in the beginning with massive links. We got all the time extensions but we didn't have enough time to take out the boss. Only the second run of this shell (new shell, but apparently people have done dynamis before). All the deaths hurt me as a WHM, I feel guilty about everyone dying and getting R1. I lost about 1K exp in the venture. Got one currency an O. bronze piece. A WHM AFv2 dropped, I got to lot, but didn't get it. But it was cool to see it drop. A BRD AFv2 dropped as well, but we only had 30 sec before we left and everyone couldn't pass in time for the person who won the lot. Will I do dynamis again? Maybe. I need to look at my gear and upgrade it I think.

While I was exping with the "20s" static, WHM/BLM (Valynne), NIN/WAR (Lanoire), NIN/WAR (me), SAM/WAR (Alcindor), WAR/MNK (Guankim) and random person I got a {/tell} from Zaria. He asked if we weren't exping on the 50s static because I was thinking about leaving it. I told him I don't schedule the days anymore, and that from what I understand he is the busy one. He then proceeds to talk to me about Graveyardshift (the LS I was in formerly). All while exping so I got a bit distracted. He basically says it is uncomfortable. I told him that I have not been in the LS for the past 3 weeks and longer because of two people. Him and Sumiko.

I have always been a bit ambivalent about Zaria. On one hand he was the one that got people to do my LB2 late one night after I had been sitting at 55 for a long time. I'm not much of a planner, more of a if there are people on can we do it kind of person. So I'm thankful for that. He has been in two statics that I've been a part of, so not much complaints there. When we used to do skillup parties, I'd ask for a refresh here and there and not get it or asked him to help cure but he didn't. Lets just say I did not get many skillups that way, mainly healing. In fact Sumiko used to send me tells complaining as well. The last time I was in the LS, they were planning an assault. Dime could not go because he did not have the staging point. I was asking questions trying to ascertain if I had that staging point. Zaria ignored my questions. Keana just popped on and said he was interested in an assault and poof he gets invited.

Sumiko is another story. Yes she has done a whole lot for me when I first started. And I mean a whole lot and yes I was very thankful at the time. But apparently I whine. One night in Yhoater jungle when I was still in a static with my COR she was not feeling well and wanted to get a replacement, but the leader Gshift said no, we're not finding a replacement so we shouldn't party that night. But she said to continue. We were supposed to have our NIN/NIN/THF/THF/DRK/WHM static the next day. I asked her in LS chat if we were still going to have the party, thinking that if she was not feeling well then we should cancel. I asked again as I did not get any response. Basically in the LS chat she said she was sick of my whining and she didn't know. I blisted her and basically told Gshift I was out of the static. I told Lanoire that I was out of the other static. Lanoire asked if they could replace me. Now I guess they really wanted level 37 so I said fine, although I wish they had dropped her instead. But whatever. I made a few forays into the LS after, most notably for Val's promy runs. I went as SMN which I haven't touched in ages. All she could say (apparently my astral flow did not do as much as hers) was what is your summoning level (yes it's way below cap). "You should level your Summoning magic more" (paraphrased). Not even a thank you for coming. That was the last time I was in the LS.

Guankim spoke to me about this a few days ago. He apparently talks to Sumiko as well. She was interested in becoming in on one of our parties. I've basically said this, I don't have anything to apologize to her about. Zaria said she's spoken to me in the past about our "issues" and she has not (maybe it's when I blisted her who knows). I'm waiting for an apology from her. Maybe I'm wrong, who knows. But it really irks me when I think about her, and that NIN party really did bug me. I was kind of upset about that one.

Zaria said that SHE is a big part of Graveyardshift. This I know. She's the only one that plans things for them. And since Gshift is not much of a presence anymore on the LS she has sort of become the leader. This disgusts me. It's sad to leave a home after so long on there and so many memories. I still talk to members of GYS, but I have not been in the shell in ages. For Sumiko it's her way or the highway. I've been told that she has her moods and this I know from working with her IRL for a long time. I just feel that that was out of line in the LS chat. Apparently others don't see it that way and continue supporting her. So they can continuing kowtowing to her.

I did think seriously about leaving the 50s static after that incident with Zaria. I don't know what will happen in the future. I hear Alci is sticking together a static with her BLM. *shrug* One good thing is that I've met a lot of people because of this. Entered a new LS, out of my insular world at GYS. Even participated in dynamis (which I doubt I would have ever done in GYS).


Charirii said...

You're right! Taritai is my twin!

P.S. Want to link swap? ^^

Skylee said...

hi verrick,

skylee here..
check out my blog and give me some comments k ?

Taritai said...

; ; I have a twin!?!

; ; Ew, drama is no fun *huggles Verrick*

Alcindor said...

This is my opinion. I think people should allow other people to play the way they want to; as long as it is not blatant and jeopardizes the party... Like for example, a whm that doesn't cure, a blm that doesn't nuke, a war that doesn't provoke, etc... I don't say anything to them and let them ENJOY the game. So what if the rdm misses a refresh or haste here and there. So what if the whm doesn't flash the right time; it's not a whm job to get the hate away so the nin can cast shadows, etc. As long as it doesn't jeopardize the party, let the people ENJOY the game. Everyone has their own way of playing. I don't think I am of a bad player, I know I am not a good or a great player, but I do my job... If I play whm, I cure... If I play war, I provoke... And since we are in this topic... if you play a thf, your job is to pull and SATA or if not high enough yet, to sneak attack and not just throw boomerangs while the rest of the party are fighting. Sigh! Anyway, I am just saying everyone plays differently and it is only a game. It is supposed to be fun and not this calculating thing that things has to be done is a certain way only. It's no longer a game when you are being told, you shouldn't do that or you should do this. I'd say, as long as it is not blatant... Let them ENJOY the game!