Monday, August 28, 2006

Weekend Update

Verrick finally found a Betta on the AH, so was able to make his second goldfish bowl. Thank you Valynne for helping me scoop up the goldfish for that second goldfish set! The sad thing was that Verrick broke his Aurora crystal and lost some ingredients his first try (and I was crafting on Lightsday too). Luckily my set and my fish weren't lost. So I hoofed it to San d'Oria, got another Aurora crystal from the woodworking guild, got advanced synth support from the smithing guild (since my smithing was the lowest at 10 and I didn't want to chance losing anything esential) and sat down and crafted once more on Lightsday. Luckily this time I got it. So now I have two fish bowls to stare at when in Bastok

Now the next section is devoted to my recent irritation. Anna. The self proclaimed THF/WHM and WHM/THF.

So here she is folks, this is Anna. Innocent looking enough eh? I almost gagged when I saw her with the Mentor sign and her search comments. I found her in Quicksand Caves so decided to scope her out. I snuck myself (so I wouldn't make sounds) and invised myself (so she couldn't see me). It took them a long time to start killing something (so I had to run away and recast). They started in on a beetle. She throws, and misses. She hits for 0-6 damage mostly. Each of her throws miss. Then the kicker was she tried to SATA VB (and at 45 a THF better damn know how to do it) and she gets 15! This was the person that was crowing that she got 200 on a SATA VB in Garlaige. Now her RDM was using a dagger and a shield to fight, but that's another story entirely. So Owens (the WHM) gets killed and it looks like a party wipe, but the BLM manages to get Escape off. For all her claims that with /WHM she can enfeeble, cure, use perfect dogde and curaga, she never ONCE used any MP. Her party broke up after that. It is disturbing that she is STILL managing to level up with /WHM for THF. I only dread her WHM/THF combo. So come on Garuda, stop inviting this idiot!

Finally we went to Dynamis-San d'Oria on Saturday. So that means I've been to all the starter cities except for Bastok. We're trying that one later. We actually did pretty darn well and almost got the win. The boss before the big boss, unfortunately, charmed almost all of the alliance which then proceeded to pick the rest of us off. Hehe. I got killed by Warr. But we're doing better and better. One good note is that I got the Bard's Roundlet! Now I just need my BRD to level 72. At one point two of the 5 WHMs had to leave which left only 3 of us to heal the alliance. We managed pretty well. The only complaint I have about Dynamis is people not bringing reraise items and not willing to take R1s. It's tough with an alliance wipe and only 3 WHMs to raise everyone. Yes, I know the WHMs are spoiled having RR3, but when I couldn't cast mine, I ate a R1 so I could help to get everyone up sooner. If more people brought RR items then we could be up much sooner and not have to stress about time. People say they don't have gil, but by the time ou're in your 60s and 70s you should have a sustainable income source, don't you think? I'll end this with a picture of Kalaria and myself in the lap of Veika. Veika has a thing for tarutarus, not sure why. Hehe. And likes to eat us. I try to let Kalaria be eaten. I just eat popcorn and watch.

I lied, not quite done. Crafting has been all consuming. Bonecrafting on Verrick is now 44 after hunting rams. Leathercraft is now 35. Wish me luck.


Paul said...

Those fish bowls look wonderful! I'm envious ^_^

On the subject of the THF/WHM mentor who likes "hugs", but /slaps the entire party with suckiness, I have my own moron on Ifrit: Mizrabelle.

Nothing bizarre in terms of subjobs, but the gear is just astoundingly bad and the player is perpetually drunk. 2 terrible parties started by this person and they quickly made it into my 'avoid like the plague' list.

I check him out whenever I see the name pop up, and the log still exudes the same spectacular crapiness. But he continues to level...

If all I cared about were exp levels, I'd probably wonder why I bother doing what I do.

Guankim said...

Gack! You have SS'd the legend of Garuda named Anna! omgz, ph34rzorz! Hehe. Well, at least you weren't in a party with her.

Darrett said...

@Paul, The funny thing is she professes not to care about levels. I just watched hear again today. She did CureIII once, herself for a total of 0. After about 2 beetles her party disbanded. I'd be curious to hear that story. On the other hand, she did a SATA on a beetle for 200, once.

@Guankim, I wouldn't mind being in a party with her for a little bit. Just to see how bad she is and what she says. Then I can disband from her party ^^. She'd probably avoid me anyways. I think I was the only one from Garuda who posted on those threads.

Joey (Eckardt) said...

LOL you're gonna get a bad rep on Garuda spreading rumors like that hehe... j/k But last nite I was in a party with a horrid WHM too. I have to post about it later (was too tired last nite to write my usual diary entry). At least we didn't die... but that was partly due to me with my awesome /whm subjob lol. I hate seeing people die and the WHM can't keep up (whether or not its in their control or not I'll try to heal). It is a team effort after all ain't it? Tho, at the same time, we could have just Escaped out of there but kinda hard when people don't Gather Together and run around when they get agro :P You're not a kite, stay still! ><

Anyhoo, yeah, I should try to get into a party with her too just to see it, but it can't be when I don't have a buffer :D

Alcindor said...

Hey thanks for the great picture of Anna :)

Faulsey said...

I still haven't made my goldfish bowl yet. I might make a fighting fish tank instead, depending on the price of bettas. Fraz I think still has the stuff for scooping, and you can scoop after the event as long as you have the stuff, so, if worst comes to worst, I'll whip him into getting me some fish.

THF/WHM FTL! I swear, some people... She needs a good /slap.

Lanoire said...

See, you are a sneaky stalker taru after all :)

Guankim said...

Alci, if you're getting a photoshop idea....I'm going to really be laughing xD

Anonymous said...

I know you made this post a while ago, but thank you SO MUCH for posting the link to the Anna thread. I've been looking for that again so I can bookmark it for laughs.

-- Mozyr (Siren server)