Thursday, August 10, 2006


Just some random pictures of Verrick that I thought I'd share. Betwixt my typing.

So I continued to level my RDM last night with Guankim (BRD) and Kenshin (MNK). We picked up a COR/RNG (Myyah) and a PLD/WAR (Speedtwister). For the 6th we picked up a DRK/RDM (Kligsomethingoranother) because he was the only one looking for a party in our level. When asked why RDM it was because his WAR was not leveled. Great, I thought. Now the party was going ok. The COR was great! The PLD died twice due to sickle slash. The PLD was ok, he cast some flash, but did not really provoke much so sometimes hate bounced.

Now the DRK/RDM really irritated me. First of all I was casting my enfeebles. Then he would randomly cast Dia and Bio. Over and over again. I asked him why he was spamming Bio and he said, what is spamming? And he had no clue that Bio overwrites Dia. Then he self cured himself (cursed RDM sub) to garner even more hate which means he got hit more. I asked him why he didn't drain and he said I don't have DRAIN. Now this was at 45 and drain is a pretty easy spell to get. He said he did not have any FAME. Now I thought this was pretty sad. I don't know how he survived in other parties. So basically we brought back Iamweasel (WAR/NIN) from the other parties (his party chat/macros are a little annoying, but he's a pretty good WAR) as was planned from the beginning he just didn't get on in time. The DRK/RDM goes, I hit it for 132 why are you guys dropping me?

He just did not get it. I still don't understand how they got to this level. I mean he had to have a basic job somewhere to get the advanced job of DRK. And another thing, he missed relatively often and was not eating any food. ARGH! So it seems that RDM is the new sub job of choice as noticed by Alcindor. Maybe it's because of the self-curing aspects and the fact that so many people are not equipped to handle the stresses of WHM.

Eventually the PLD had to leave and the COR/RNG had to leave as well. So we were stuck up a creek again without a Tank (there has been a dearth of tanks in our level lately when we want to level). So we begged Malumake to come as a BST/WAR and have Iamweasel tank (which he gladly did). There was some debate about a 6th. Apparently Malumake mentioned that he was going to party with us and someone from my other LS (Graveyardshift) named Sumiko had told Guankim that she was interested in leveling her BLM. This caused a lot of anger on my part. Sumiko was the reason that I left Graveyardshift in the first place because of her attitude. Some members of the LS like Jai had figured out why I left. Not sure if there are people that notice that I don't frequent the LS anymore. I also dropped out of two statics, hence I leveled my THF on my own and my COR has not seen the light of day.

I basically said if that was our only choice I would take it. I personally preferred to have Highper come (a WHM who I had partied with before) so I could focus on enfeebling and "nuking". Highper got the spot. A funny thing, Guankim was asking him to move more toward me so he could be hit with ballad better...he accidentally thought he was being asked to leave and disbanded. Miscommunication over he was back and the party ran smoothly. So in leveling my RDM it's been rare to have a "real tank". Our combinations have seemed to work pretty well.

In the end Guankim was talking to me about making amends. I have no wish to really do this as Sumiko has never come forward to apologize. In some ways we are alike, and perhaps that is why we clash. But I don't like her berrating and bossy attitude. It is denegrating. I'm happy in the LS I am in right now.

I never thought I'd level RDM this high. I think it's time to dust off my BLM so I can complete the Holy Trinity of Mages (I don't really want to do BLU). Gotta start doing AF. And also continue fishing for tuna to level my cooking!


Kupotaru said...

I like the pictures that you post :) It seems that you always have a lot of stuff going on! I haven't been online in awhile, just quick CoP runs lately since I've been busy. Can't say I miss the game all that much tho :P Just reading about other people's experiences is enough for me.

Guankim said...

But the PLD getting +8 MP a tick when he stayed lined up right -- Hellz yeah! That was beautiful at the beginning. Taking away the light soleas and such at that level, I was hoping I had my Eisen still on my from when I was leveling my PLD for the defense boost to loan him, but alas, nada. ><

Joey (Eckardt) said...

Heh, your adventures are so much more colorful than mine... I usually just end up waiting for hours for a party only to be dropped cause I can't type in Japanese (I can in romaji, but that's a whole different story to some JP players)...or I have horrible people in my party that don't know how to control hate (I'm usually a WHM, BLM, or RDM...). I don't mind taking a hit now and then, but if you have voke and I'm trying to you alive, use it please, else you're gonna die if I die :P... But I digress...

Hopefully tonite will be better... At least I got my LB1 items in record time *ner ner Darrett... even you couldn't jinx me* :)

Taritai said...

^^ Yay on your adventures!

>_> Berrating people are no fun. Really.

You seem to have better luck than me though and I hate you for it!

^^ I'm gonna be on as Oe this weekend to start making back some of that money I owe you.

How much was that again? Hehe.

Darrett said...

Hehe no need. Just send me a stack of moat carps and we'll call it even!

Joey (Eckardt) said...

wow, gimme gil too pleas.e.. I'm kinda broke again after buying staves...

Alcindor said...

Yah, give me gil... I need gil... I am broke.