Saturday, September 02, 2006

The Valynne Update

Per Valynne's request (although she rarely posts a comment) I will update my page today. So everyone thank Valynne for your fix of Verrick's Garudian Adventures.

As this entry is dedicated to Valynne I will start off with a few pictures and quotes. It always saddened me that Verrick was too short to see over the top of many tables. In addition the secretary set I've had for a long time now was sitting on the floor. So Valynne told me that Tarutarus can see over a workbench. So I had her make me a signed one so I could have a furniture with her name on it. Eventually I want a signed piece of furniture from my friends in game, in particular Lanoire and Alcindor. So work on that WW guys.

The infamously slowly leveling (when we first started we did it pretty often) "fifties" static, previously known as "Sunday" static met again on Tuesday. We went up against the Lesser Colbriri (I call them pink flamingos). They have a move called feather tickle which reduces TP to 0. So it was challenging to beat it so Zaria (our resident NIN tank) could do some WS. I managed to eek out level 58 (went up about 1.25 levels). We have basically no downtime with Alcindor (our WHM) a lot of the time ending with the majority of his MP (thanks to refresh and MB II and MBI) but the higher you get, the more exp you need. *sigh* Poor Alci, wants level 75. I think he'd be better off leveling another job to 75 faster than we do. One more level to Carnage Elegy. Two more levels to full AF (the hands, the hands!). Fourteen levels away from my AFv2 Hat. And in 1 more level, Valynne has a surprise for Dahoman and Zaria!

I got asked by Lorddocster and Lordesequiel to static with their manaburn as my BRD. I told them I think Valynne would kill me if I left (not that I want to leave the static now, there were times when I did not get along quite well with Zaria). But they were desperate for a refresher (and I was about 5.6K exp behind Val who is our leader) so I said I'd come refresh them for 4K exp. Trudged out to the Valley of Sorrows to pit ourselves against the Raptors. Apparently they were having a hard time finding a good BRD, e.g. one that could stick lullaby and one that could refresh them. This was my first time in a manaburn party. So the SMN carby pulled, I lullaby with Apollo Staff/Mary's Horn and stick it (missed 2x in party). Then I cast Terra Staff/Battlefield Elegy, then Lightning Threnody. The 4 BLM cast Burst and hopefully one shot it. If not, I get ready with another lullaby to sleep the mob while they prepare other spells to kill it. Pretty simple once you get down with it. The SMN would cure and remove status effects with Leviathan's Spring Water. Elteriak (from the long party night) is in this static as well. In about 20-30 minutes I had my 4K (they got 6.5K with the band) and had to leave.

This segues me into something exciting. Take a look at the picture to the left and what do you see? Yes! I am now the proud owner of a Mary's Horn. I was borrowing Japyaa's horn all these months (before that Sumiko's Horn but that was given back after the incident). Lorddocster was on a hot streak on 8/31/06. We went after his coffer key for BLM AF. In Davoi he got it in 3 mobs, in the Necropolis he got it in 2 mobs. Switched to BLM and found the coffers within 5-10 minutes each. The easiest AF I've ever seen. I jokingly told him that I wouldn't count him lucky unless he could find Stray Mary and get her Horn and kill VE and get Empress hairpin. He took me up on that challenge. Now Taritai and I have spent months each on our sever hunting for this NM. I've seen her once and killed her while running through the highlands but only got Mary's Milk to complete a quest. Since then I've killed thousands of sheep but she never popped. So what happens? Within 20-30 minutes I see Lorddocster silencing Stray Mary. Then Mary's Milk and Mary's Horn pops up on my screen! Thank you so much Lorddocster! We tried for VE next, but someone else was camping it too. It popped in about 5 minutes, so know i know that VE exists. Tried for Centruion x-i but I was too slow with the claim. So Munami and Skylee no more trying to hunt for that stupid horn!

Dynamis LS has been doing Dynamis-Bastok. We get closer and closer each time to getting a win. Yesterday's run was the closest ever, we almost got to the last boss. Unfortunely aggro and trains did us in at the last minute. Bard's Cuffs dropped, but I got outlotted ; ; I want a win Damnitaru! Then I can start worrying about AFv2.

I went out leveling my RDM again with Guankim and Kenshin the other day. For the life of us, we can never find a true TANK when we party. Once we had a PLD, but he was mediocre at best. We've been using WAR/NIN bouncing hate tanks. This past night, however, there was only one WAR/NIN available. So this was our party set up. WAR/NIN (to tank), THF/NIN (Kenshin), COR/NIN (was originally RNG, but they wanted her to pull so she switched to /NIN), BRD/WHM (Guankim), RDM/WHM (Wwcc), RDM/BLM (me). Yes, heavy support. Now WAR/NIN are pretty nice damage dealers, but as sole tanks they have it hard (once their shadows drop and they have no access to Ni until 74). BUT with Healer's Roll, Evoker's Roll, and MB I (plus etudes, +int for me +mnd for Wwcc) I mainly nuked and BLM enfeebled (cured a bit), Wwcc healed and nuked, and Gunakim back up healed. The WAR/NIN to his credit held hate very very well. The COR/NIN was always ontop of her rolls and was shooting as well. Kenshin's modified SA + VB did well. All in all we did really good. The RDMs were riding their convert timers to a T though. Got to about 3K away from level 48. Almost at AF time.

One incident marred an otherwise enjoyable party. Anna, yes, Anna. The stupid, idiotic THF/WHM was in the basement as well. As a level 49 THF/WHM. Come on Garuda, why do you keep partying with her? This is what she says the instant we drop down.

Now that just irritated me. Aside from her infamous posts on Allakazham, I've watched her several times, and she's not a very good THF. I shudder to think what her WHM is. In her mind, however, she is goddess. She even has a mentor sign on which makes me cringe in horror. I basically said in /say Anna is an idiot. So I make a plea to all Garudians, STOP PARTYING WITH HER!

To end this on a happier note ... here is my current title.

I got it after helping the Elderly Elvaan lady in Upper Jeuno get a candle. Poor Eckardt was out killing Rams for a while and never got a lanolin cube. He sent me some ram skin though. Thank you dude, and congratulations on level 60 BLM. Your work is about half done!

So all in all, eventful. Highlight is definitely Mary's Horn! And Valynne, I better get a comment this time!


Valynne said...

Our level 58 static is very dear to my heart. :) If we hadn't created this static, I probably would have soloed to level 30 and still been afraid of partying. When I'm with my friends, I really enjoy our parties. We'll get to level 75 together!

Joey (Eckardt) said...

Can I come too? BLM passed LB3 today and now can go to LV65 :). LB4 I hear is easy, but LB5 is gonna be torture. Let me know either way... You guys always see me online anyway :D

Alcindor said...

Soloing is better sometimes; especially when the party you are in is not that good. I have come across a lot of bad parties; of course I am not saying that I am good or anything... Just some parties are just bad... anyhow some ppl from my LS needed a whm so they could lvl; and you know how difficult it is to find a whm at that lvl, so my whm is lvl 59 now :) WOOT!!!

Darrett said...

@Alcindor. leveled ahead of the leader? It's never good when the WHM is at the top of the experience chain. Notice I didn't get ahead of Valynne. I even died at the end so I would lose exp.

Alcindor said...

Woot! My whm is lvl60!!! 75 here I come :)

Guankim said...

Yep, we usually end up partying unorthdox, but I can't say that it hasn't worked very well so far for the most part ^^

But ya know, after you pointed that out quote, I wondered if it was Anna who started that post involving me on Alla, LOL. But that's another laugh entirely. And I thought of an interesting point. Since IGE owns Alla, if we sued Alla, we could get RM from RMT w/o giving them gil! lmao. Alright, that was probably an inside joke xD

Valynne said...

Alcindor was just kidding. He didn't level his whm without our static.

Jowah said...

I love manaburn parties xD
I have a set pt now and I don't think I'll make one again soon :' I soo miss that.
And I WISH apollo and earth staves.
I have to stick with earth and light, took from Michael .....=_=
working to buy both of them.

Guankim said...

Unorthodox still but... PLD TANK! Even if it was a 46-50 starting gap >.> Tanks are hard to come by, but that one was good :) I started getting very lax upon getting sleepy, though.. d'oh. ><

Skylee said...

want to form a static but had no luck so far..