Sunday, September 10, 2006

Notorious Monster ... Hunted

So ... I've been kind of burned out on crafting. And I don't really like pick up parties and since Guankim wasn't on didn't level RDM. BRD and NIN are scheduled to be leveled later this week. So I decided to hunt some NMs. First was the Dune Widow that pops in Eastern Altepa Desert around G-8 from Spiders. I killed spiders for about 40 minutes when she finally popped. Got 3 spider webs but no spider torque. Since somepage listed the pop window of 1-4 hours (usually 90 minutes) I decided to take a trip to Valkrum to see if I could get VE. I had glimpsed him once when he was being killed, but never took him on myself. So I started killing damselflies for about an hour. I decided one last run through the flies before I head back to altepa for a second shot at the Dune Widow. All of a sudden, there he was! So I killed it ... and it dropped the hairpin. I was so excited as you can see below.

Sadly the Dune Widow did not pop again, and I was there in the area for at least 6 hours. Ugh. I have a theory. Female sounding NMs I see once and kill, never get the drop and I never see them again. Happened with Stray Mary. I'm 1/1 on Jolly Green, 1/1 on Spiny Sipi, and 1/1 on VE, yes I don't hunt NMs very often.

We wiped on Windy Dynamis again. No AF dropped that I can recall. But Windy is supposedly the hardest of the starting cities. Wish us luck in the next run. Finally got to level 50 as RDM. Then Lorddocster and Demonslayer (both RDMs) helped me get my coffer keys and all of my AF for RDM. So third set of AF completed. And in storage. Hehehe. Leaving you with a picture of Verrick.


Alcindor said...

Congrats on the hairpin!!!

Guankim said...

First post! Major congrats on the hairpin & AF set.... I'm 0/lost count (over 50) on the VE drop, it annoys me, as I'd use that on quite a few of my jobs around that level. Blah.

Gotta {Gather together} a group for my bard AF, though I'll happily chug along through CN and Oztroja looking for the keys with my Sneak/Invis powers xD Just getting the Zhavl (sp? O.o) and such keys could be annoying ><

Jowah said...

OMG! Gratz for the hairpin!
this is something i'd like so badly for my future NIN and THF.

Lanoire said...

grats on the hairpin :)

taritai said...


I hate you! :) But congrats all the same!