Monday, March 05, 2007

NM Stupidity


People are stupid when it comes to NMs. They see the NM and stop thinking. We went after the Shikigami Weapon in Ro'Maeve for Kniko. There was only one other part of 3 as competition, we had 6. When the weapon was up in the East, I started casting magic on the safe stairs. Everyone else ran by and doing stupid thing like linking weapons. Think about it, if you have a full alliance sure you can handle the 5-10 links, but not just 6 people and especially with a party of 3 as competition. So the NIN tank is fighting a cursed puppet, a THF has a weapon, I end up with 2 weapons on me. The SMN and RNG died while running after the invisible weapon. The BLU died shortly after.

We actually get the weapon and do some raising, but didn't think and didn't move the weapon to the safe stairs. Then the NIN tank Dc's. I get the SMN up to help heal but he pulls aggro and dies again. Leaving me with barely any MP and weakened (I died to the 2 weapons). I ask at least 3 times to be healed so I can devotion someone for some MP but no one listens. The BLU is still trying to melee the weapon when he would have been more useful as a back up healer. So of course the BLU dies to AoE. I have the THF PD and try to get some MP back, but things have popped already. I die and the THF dies. The other party of 3 just sat there and watched and took the NM from us as we died. Eventually they killed it. Nice cooperative spirit there eh? The SMN did stay behind and raise me.

I was VERY PISSED at the whole situation. People just become stupid and don't think about things. The weapon is not that hard if you think. But then again, perhaps I expect too much out of people when they reach the 70s. And the dead RNG had the gall to tell me what to do when he stupidly died in the first place. Peope learn to THINK.


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