Thursday, March 15, 2007


Ever since that infamous update I've had R0 in at least 2 places, Bastok Metalworks and Den of Rancor. Which meant that I lost my ability to Outpost Warp (damnit) and I couldn't participate in the Hakutaku series of fights that my LS was doing (it was to help others, I've had my O.Hat for a a while). of yesterday...I didn't have any R0 in Metalworks! (Too lazy to try and check Den of Rancor). Thank goodness!


Haven't been doing much leveling per se. Just been dressing like Link instead.

Been mining in Oldton. Why you ask? I'm cheap. It kills me to spend 2.6-4K per synth at level 17 smithing buying iron ores to craft iron ingots. I guess I've been spoiled by Alchemy and Cooking (a lot of NPC buyable ingredients), Clothcrafting (relatively cheap base materials in the beginning buying from guild/airship vendors), and Leathercrafting (easily farmable hides). I'm still not sure how I leveled Goldsmithing to 33 on Brin (but he did dip under 1 million after that stretch, I think I lost about 100K when I did that, buying a lot of my ores).

Oldton was nice to me. Except for the frickin' goblin dice. I got so many of those and they are supposed to be a rare mine. Got a lot of zinc ores and a few iron ores. The Zinc went to my GS on Verrick so I'm slowly reaching cap. What makes Olton so nice is the amount of moblin gear I dig up. Turning them into brass ingots, cotton cloth, and Glass Fiber. If Verrick's crafts get high enough to desynth it'd be nice to do it in the field and not have to go back to unload. I did manage a HQ3 desynth on Brin and got a gold ingot. I dug up a platinum ore too. Those two funded my pickaxes.

Later I tried my hand at Yughott Grotto. Much better for iron ores! The only downside to mining is my pickaxes break a lot and I'm wearing the field gear. *sigh*


Did Limbus again last night. Super fun and super coordinated. Got about 3 Ancient beastcoins for my efforts. Now I'm up to 11, just 64 to go. Gah.

Now this technically isn't Limbus but these guys are members/leaders of my Limbus shell. I've posted SS of Arizod, but Gheldhart hasn't been in many. So without further ado:

Aznmahavailo has a taru fetish. So he finally got his wish with the doll festival and became a taru for a brief moment in time!

I did a few more sigs:

Now I just have to come up with an idea of for my own signature and one for Gheldhart.


Ciermel said...

Ewww, sorry to hear the "Connectivity Issue" got you too :/

And grats on your GS achievements! I can already picture myself having to mine ores too in order to fund my skillups in the future...hehe, such is the life of addicted craftarus XD

raidenn said...

Wow nice one. I hate mining, i always lose a lot of pickaxes...

Guankim said...

Wow, much congrats, I really need to start enjoying mining, that I do...but ugh, getting the rare ores I need to GS up is like...pulling dragon's teeth!

Paul said...

The connectivity problem hit me in Orlando and I assumed it was just my crappy hotel connection. I'd DC as soon as I zoned to the dunes from Lufaise. So I stayed offline for a few days.

I'll probably end up doing some mining myself when I decide to seriously level Blacksmithing. I brought it up a smattering to craft a lure but haven't touched it since.

Oh and that damn title got the disney song stuck in my head now... As if I didn't have enough disney in my life lately ><

maiev said...

wouldn't you be better off mining in newton, since stuff are much more expensive, than just use those monehh and buy low level ores? :o

on my server, olton is like seriously flooded by gilseller mining, making those utterly worthless or... doesn't sell for a good profit versus time spent, so maybe on your server all RMT got banned xD!