Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Qutting Limbus

I really enjoy limbus, but as of tonight I have quit Ruinous Omen.

First atempt at Omega. It was not pretty. 12 people, 3 BLMs, 1 WHM, 2 NIN/WAR, 1 MNK/WAR, 1 DRK/NIN, 2 SMN/WHM, 1 RNG/NIN, 1 RDM/WHM. Regen II on the main NIN tank at the beginning and Haste while he was kiting. He was at full health. Later a Cure III. After first form changed, got hit by some silences. The NIN died before I could get off a cure after my echo drop. Then he complains, Cure where?

There are a lot of deaths naturally. For all the NIN's vaunted expertise, a single cure III on him pulled hate and guess what, I died. I'm so tired of Toxicity. I'm tired of waiting 45 minutes to an hour each time. But when Toxicity had the nerve to say Cure III and Regen II don't cut it and the WHM has an easy job to just focus on the tanks I lost it. I'm sorry, but I'm not in Limbus to listen to whiny, aggravating, ego-centric, holier-than-thou, idiots.

I'm sorry about porting home, but I was so upset that I couldn't stand it any longer. Sorry for leaving the rest of you with R1s. Enjoy the rest of your time in Limbus.

I'm close to just not playing the game anymore. People aggravate me too much.


JOWAH said...

I hope this is a temporary decision :p
And don't scare me since I will limbus for the first time in days .....;_;///

Anonymous said...

I'm very sad to see you go, but if its putting that much stress on you then perhaps its for the best. just don't blist me or anything :/ please... tonight's drama was bad enought i'd rather not add losing a great friend.

Isadora said...

As far as my experience goes for Proto-omega & ultima:

a) 18 ppl alliance is a must.

b) pld tanks better than nin (at least for P-Omega)

c) 1 nin is good for kiting the additional pods, while mages use ga3 / IV spells to kill them.

d) For Proto-Omega you need at least 5 BLMs with a good stun order. RDM/DRK works too in a pinch.

e) Proto-Omega is the easier of the 2 bosses. I've lost over 5k exp just fighting Proto-Ultima alone + we only won it with seconds remaining on the clock.

Ironically, in my case people quit Limbus because they thought Kevinsa (the LS leader) was favouring Proto-Omega too much over Proto-Ultima (we killed Omega over 10 times, compared to just 1 Ultima) >_>

Faulsey said...

Not commented in a while, sorry!

Shame to see you've given up on Limbus, but, it happens.

I did kinda chuckle a bit there with the R1 bit :P Thats the kind of thing I'd do in a rage!

And don't quit ; ;

-invokes celius' law which he's stolen from the odinites and hopes works on other servers.-

raidenn said...

Its normal, lots of jerkoffs around really. Stick to your own fun and dont let them ruin it for you.

Ciermel said...

/wave ^^b

So how's it going? :) any better? sometimes you just have to cope with these self centered people D: Just had a pt with a smn sporting the usual "lolz ur only rank5" attitude, oh well hopefully one of his R10 friends can convince him that int does not affect BP damage lawl ('-')