Monday, March 12, 2007

Signature Maker

Been on a signature making kick lately for people from my LS for our LS website. Now I am definitely not a graphics/photo manipulation person nor could I be called anything remotely like an artist (stick figures are what I can manage). But since I was having fun, thought I'd share some. I think Tonyo's came out the best. My own signature is kind of blase. It shows a Promy Gate and a Crystal at the Dawn Battle. I meant to put the words, From Dem ... to Dawn, but neglected to.

Here is a retrospect of my own signatures:


maiev said...

i like the second to last signature :O waterfall, shading and color all matches imo hehe :)ww

JOWAH said...

The first one is so adorable..... ;_; tarutarulove Verrik (Do you need it?) *°°*

Ciermel said...

Actually most of them are all pretty cute imo (*'-') especially the taru ones (...yeah, I'm predictable, so sue me! xD)