Wednesday, March 07, 2007


Shikigami Weapon

Be careful what you brag about in your LS. A member of the social LS crowed about his brother got the YY robe NM and the drop after the party wiped. Of course he didn't know that some of us were there and loved how his brother just stood there watching us. Generally if someone claims an NM I try to help them out with cures, etc. whether it be the Dune Widow or the NM that drops the O.Kote.

Well we figured that not too many people would be able to figure out the pop time since it took over an hour for the weapon to die so we sadled up again. This time we had 3 tanks, Snakegod, Timuljin, and Poetsave (2 NIN and a PLD). Kniko (SMN), myself (WHM/SMN), and Vallis (BLM/RNG) provided support. Nojoke (THF/RNG) came for WS and TH hopefully. We split up into 3 groups, on on the West, one on the East, and one in the lower middle platform (where he spawned yesterday). There was another group that was waiting, about an hour before we got there. When the NM popped Snakegod claimed it. Everyone else used sneak this time and got there without aggro. One link from the area which was slept by Vallis and the weapon was toast (see how easy it can be). And this dropped:

Kniko was beside himself and stated that he was shaking. It's funny how many SMN devote their lives to this robe...before they hopefully get it.


I had hoped to be on top of all the missions for ToAU since most of them are CSs anyways, but my little mini static for the missions missed out last Sunday. So with the update I'm behind one major battle then whatever comes this way. ToAU is definitely not as challenging as CoP, but the storyline is entertaining nonetheless. The Lady Puppeteer seems to be somewhat of an airhead and is she controlling the pupets or they her? Gotta love Shantotto no matter where you see her. And...I want my glory crown back. Naja stole it from me. There are wild speculations as to what the reward will be for completing these missions. I hope it's not a crown, I've had enough of the opo-crown on my head.


So I've been on a crafting kick lately. I managed to get Adept status through making polyflan. I scrounged together enough materials to make it to 83 (cap). Since my friend Arizod was at level 28 alchemy I suggested he level to 30 on eye drops and then use the polyflan (which NPCs for about 114g a piece) to make polyflan paper (cap 36) and then NPC the results. The paper is used to make a few attachments and COR cards, but the cards use a light crystal (which are admittedly cheaper now) and a cluster of the particular element to make 33 cards (more if you HQ). Easier just to buy from the NPC vendors.

So since my next synth required a ram leather I went on a ram hunting spree.

I also bought Ram skin from the AH for 800-1000 a piece. I managed to get Whit up to 35 even on leathercrafting (which makes it a full 3 times leveling from 0-35 in leathercraft on 3 different characters). I had figured I needed about 3 stacks per synth level so I managed to scrape together 12 stacks of ram leather. The other ingredient was Holy Water so I bought up a ton of light crystals to synth. Now since making the holy water would not give me any skill ups I offered to have Arizod synth them for me. So I pushed him to get to 40 on potions, then to 43 on vitriol. He pushed to 44 on Acid boltheads (he was close enough to cap on Alchemy to get skill ups from breaks, but his smithing was way too low, level 5, to actually synth any boltheads). Then I set him to work making holy water for me (I provided the materials, much like Aznmahavailo did for me). I had synthed up about 5 stacks previously so we were both in the alchemy guild synthing.

Now the conditions last night could not have been better. It was New Moon and Lights/darksday so perfect for both of us (since we were doing light based synths). I managed to craft up to 85 on lightsday then waited for darksday (while buying more materials for Arizod to synth). On Darskday I managed to get to 87 (cap!) with about 3 stacks of ram leather left over. I gave Arizod the extra holy water to synth into holy bolt heads (caps at 53) and gave him some suggestions on the path to 60. I synthed him up a firesword (after he bought the iron sword) for his guild test item and he managed to get to level 51 alchemy. He is a veteran cook so Alchemy to 60 will help him HQ snoll stuff. I couldn't resist a pic of us in our aprons.


Prior to this I went to help out on Retribution for Aznmahavailo and Gheldhart. I was somewhat offended by the PLD's remark when we got to Ifrit's Cauldron basically telling me to put RR3 up. I had it up from before we tele'd. As if I don't know my own job. I was a bit short already because I had to wait for Azn and Gheldhart to get ready (and I was itching to do synths to prep for the lightsday I saw coming up). We get to the place but instead of clearing the aggro mobs, Azn pulled the NM. So I notice Gheldhart's life going down and see a bat attacking him. And neither Azn nor the PLD were voking. Talk about not knowing your job (Azn was main tank on the NM, so I can excuse him, the PLD was just whacking thigns). I had to tell the PLD to voke before Gheldhart died. Another bat aggrod and we were all almost out of MP. So I had to benediction to keep us alive. I didn't see the PLD use invincible at all. So I get whacked and they just barely manage to get hate off of me. Eventually we kill all the NM and all the links. They get their annals of truth and I warp out to get ready for my crafting session (see above section).


I can't say enough good things about Limbus. I totally enjoy it. Ruinous Omen is a nice shell. And with members who have done it before it is easy to transition into it. On our last run I managed to snag my 2nd BRD upgrade item. I had planned on trying for a musical earring first (75 Ancient Beastcoins) but once I got my BRD items I could not resist this:

So I borrowed 2 coins from Arizod and bought a manticore leather off the AH. As luck would have it, the run was on a Saturday so I managed to get my Choral Cuffs +1 the next day (after conquest tally). +10 Singing Skill, +7 CHR! Now I want to upgrade the pants for +8 Wind Skill. Unfortunately upgrading your AF to AF+1 uses up the item so I was no longer able to store my BRD AF. So what's a taru to do? He goes requesting it.

After paying 10K to erase my memories, I went to beat up Tros for my AF1 weapon to start it all over again.

Easy, but...I learn something. If I want to replace the item and complete the mission I have to dump my Paper knife. So I trudge to Bastok to throw my Paper Knife away and have to go all the way back to the pond. At least I didn't have to fight him again. Then I start AF2 quest and then open the hands quest. I had forgotten that the stupid thing was in Castle Zhavl Baileys...*sigh*. Aurridaur and Nojoke came with me to try and get a key. Unfortunately we weren't able to and they both had to leave. I decided to stick around a bit and managed to get a key on my third kill after they left. This is so much easier with Ni (I can even take the eyes without too much trouble). Then I went on the coffer hunt (luckily you can open this coffer without being the right job since it is a key item). I found the coffer surrounded by eyes. I waited until they were not facing it and opened the coffer, but forgot that opening the coffer now also cancels sneak. So I died and becuase of some too rapid button pushing I canceled my RR and had to HP. Grrr.

So I girded my loins to take out Dark Spark as WHM/NIN. First time trying it solo and it was a success. So I managed to get my choral cuffs back and stored my BRD AF. If I get the pants I have to go coffer hunting in The Evil Quadav place...*sigh*.

FFXI Update

There are a lot of new things with this update. Ulli is supposed to be a pop NM now. So is the THF's knife. Have to see how this works out.

One thing I am totally disappointed in is the no loss of exp from CoP battlegrounds. Granted they made CoP easier (from what I undestand) when they introduced some items to assist in the battles. But not losing exp? I guess they're trying to entice people to help others out without the threat of losing exp and their precious merits. But come on, that is a little too ridiculous. Where is the challenge anymore?


Paul said...

I don't see the loss of exp as a challenge. Merely as a deterrent, which SE has finally fixed.

I've always perceived EXP/Meriting as a distinct 'channel' or register from missions. Losing in one register shouldn't penalize you in other areas.

Besides, most of the BCs are still time-limited right? And how many times to people do 'dry runs' on other jobs anyway.

I know it's kind of a stab in the heart for people who lost EXP in the process, but I think it's a wise change.

Ciermel said...

hehe gotta love doc Shantotto (*'-') can't wait to get high enough to do AU missions where she makes an appearance :P

As far as CoP is concerned...the biggest challenge still is to manage to get into a good static or something^^;

JOWAH said...

CUFFS +1!! WTFF *steals*
Anyway, gratz on all of your recent accomplishments, you should be weally proud of them^^

And regarding YYR, I am not cursed yet about "z0mgwtforzorzineedthaaat"
I'd rather droll on Sha'ir and other BRD stuffs.

Go go little cutie taru :*

Katella said...

Sounds like you have been busy !!
Good job!

Personally, I'm glad they changed CoP to not lose exp. We finally accomplished Mea this weekend, but in the past (at least on my server) it has been real difficult to get people to help.. I mean Really difficult.. Spent half a day (well like 6 hours) shouting once before giving up. Just got tells saying "No Way", or "I would but if I die one more time I'll delevel and be to low for my static", or "Sorry - Not interested".

No one wanted to do it because they could lose exp.. and if they weren't getting any benefit from it.. then.. they weren't interested. /sigh, and it sucked, because people should be willing to help.. I love helping if I'm able, but that is not how the majority are I'm sad to say, and I think SE may have realized that.

It was making things harder on the people who started playing the game later on after most of the original players had already done those missions.

I see your point about the challenge of it, but unfortunately some of us were really stuck because others "weren't interested" because there was a chance they could lose exp.

Guankim said...

I'm amused really by the change in XP situation for CoP, as it took forever for me to get a static together to forge through it, and now that we're probably (a bit past?) halfway (Airship battle), they change this...Well, I'm not going to complain, I usually just go and solo a bit to cap my XP so I've not been in danger of de-leveling yet ^^

Grats on the +1 stuff, I still need a shell on my times, but that's JP prime, and I need much, much, MUCH practice on my Nihongo before I could do that likely ><;;