Saturday, May 19, 2007

A Momentous Day in Sky


Well we went after Shen again. For some reason Shen has been a pain in the butt the last several times we fought him for a LS member. So today we grouped together before Sky to take this evil thing down. And you know what? It worked like a charm this time. The fight was over very quickly and we finally got Blueeyedbeauty her Reverend Mail. This Mithra deserves it. She is always there to die, raise, heal during all of our fights. One of the most selfless people and doesn't complain at all. So happy that we finally got it for her. Below is a picture of us before we took on Shen!

After that it was sky day. We started off with a warm up on Byakko. The kitty was nicely tamed again today, so life was good. The pants, axe, and hands dropped, so we had some happy people. Then we geared up for Kirin.

We had 2 full pop sets on us. We joined up with another sky shell, FinalHeaven which actually contains quite a bit of our dynamis shell mates. They popped their Kirin first. By the time all the adds were killed we had Kirin down to 60%. It actually went pretty well, although the add alliance was devoid of BLMs so it took them a while and some deaths to bring them down. Eventually they got the crimson legs out of it. Our Kirin went pretty much the same way. We got the Heca body.

I had to leave after the adds were killed on the third Kirin (FinalHeaven's again) due to a meeting. What was utterly evil and hilarious was I made sure I didn't have the current hate when I disbanded. I go to the back to rest in case I made it back before they finished. Then Kirin comes out of nowhere and flattens me with a StoneV (I had nowhere to run). I wanted REVENGE!

When I came back about 2 hours later they had Kirin (our 2nd pop of the night) down to 15%. I rushed up there to try and help but the damn teleporter kept sending me to the wrong room! Amazingly ... he dropped an Osode, a Pole, 2 Shura Togi abjurations, and a shining cloth. Best haul ever. 2nd Osode for the LS off our 4th Kirin.

And guess who got the Osode?!?!?

Yay for BRD pulling! No more super evil bad stats with the Errant body ^^ So my one huge thing from sky is mine. Now if that damnable turtle would just drop his shield...

Thank you so much LordsofHydra shell members! And FinalHeaven shell members. Couldn't have done it without you. See what a social shell can do?

I hope they increase the amount of magic merits one can do. I have 4 in singing and 4 in wind for my BRD. But when I go as BLM, I have to pile on elemental skill gear that could be used for int slots. If I could put some merits into ele skill, maybe I wouldn't be so damn resisted on Kirin. It sucks when your aerogaIII hits for 70 ; ; I do get to kite Kirin when My ES + Tornado IIs hit for about 1.1K.


I forgot to take screenshots of Proto-Omega again ; ; This time we beat him in 10 minutes. Only 2 deaths, Dukenukem (tarutaru BLM) and myself (as a WHM) due to unfortunate AoEs. Carolann got the Omega Legs and Aznmahavailo got the Omega head. We did him with 14 this time. A totally different change from our first fight where we wiped with 12. We just have a better idea what to expect.

One day we'll do Ultima and I'll get my shot at the Nashira gear!

But all in all a fun day in sky and Sea!


JOWAH said...

A BIG BIG BIG congratulations for your Osode! ^______^ i'm so happy for you, now go and pull things like mad <3!
...i'd rather have a manteel than an Osode tho. (girls, uuhhh)

raidenn said...

Wow grats dude!

Paul said...

Congratulations on your Osode, Darret ^^b

Eckardt said...

Grats on your Osode and your choco... damn i missed a lot on this vacation :P

Guankim said...

Nice run, and grats on the Osode. BRD Merit Fun {/cheer}