Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Experience Points for Ranger

A Busy Sunday

Now i haven't seen Arizod online much, partly due to our busy schedules. But he managed to log on Sunday so we decided to do a couple of quests. For me I hate finding parties at the lower levels. I also have no urge to really level my RNG in a party setting, but I want it leveled to 37 as a sub for COR. So ... I've decided to level it up with EXP scrolls! So this is my typical EXP scroll hunt.

1. Escort Quest: Sandoria
I like this one because it's extremely short. Eldime Necropolis also is a playground for WHMs and hexastrike! (Did this with Bardon, Arizod, and Vlacatocc this past Sunday)

2. Spice Gals
This is a pretty easy quest started in South Sandy. You need to be past Promathia 2-5 mission to attempt this. Basically I like to go to Riverne B since I only need 1 giant scale to get to the point of the ??? for the Rivernewort. Arizod came as NIN and I went as WHM to facilitate obtaining the giant scale. After getting the item it's a pretty easy trek to the ???. Just have to wait until the dragons and bombs aren't looking at the spot.

3. Monarch Linn Patrol
Since we do the Rivernewort and Monarch Linn is essentially right there we decided to try the Patrol. It was a single Mamet-800 against the 2 of us (it adds an extra mamet up to 8 or 9 for a full alliance). It actually was a bit tougher than we thought because we didn't have a macro for the yellow liquid. Arizod tried to use it during the BLM phase, but ended up stalling it on the sword phase. That was bad news. We eventually won. I like doing this one because an exp scroll is quoted to be about 50% of the reward (other 50% an item including mannequin pieces).

Interlude: On our way to the Sacrarium we decided to finish my Knocking on Forbidden Doors quest to pose mannequins. I had earlier went to the Aqueducts to click on the ladder at C-9 for a CS (died once as a taurs turned right as I passed it, grrrr).

4. Secrets of Ovens Lost
This one is started in the Tavnazian Safehold. After that you run through the Sacrarium looking for a particular ??? that can pop in 4 out of the 6 rooms.

So the typical route is:
Go to Sandoria and trigger the Escort quest and the Riverne quest. Go to the Tavnazian safehold and trigger the Secrets of Ovens Lost Quest and Monarch Linn Patrol Quest. Grab a yellow liquid off the AH. Gear up in level 50 gear and bring along level 75 gear for the Patrol. Start off with Riverne B and farm a giant scale. Get the Rivernewort. Then to Monarch Linn to beat the patrol. After that head to the Sacrarium to get the cookbook. Then head back to the safehold and get your xp scroll from Secrets. Talk to Justinius to see what your reward from Patrol is. Head to the Necropolis and complete the escort quest. Then head to Sandy to complete. If Justinius gives you an xp scroll it's possible to get at least 4 a week. These give from 700-1500 exp a piece.

Right now my RNG is sitting at 3K into level 24! Woohoo! Plus it's fun to do the quests with a friend. Don't you think?


JOWAH said...

Like yesterday Jeff/Yarly/jtaru told me to DO those quest, to help raising BLM with less pain.
And now I see your post! I think it's a sign of destiny D;

raidenn said...

I need to do that Spice gals quest...

Ciermel said...

T_T Maybe it's just me but I found the mannequin quest series incredibly sad ; ; especially what Alsha does when she's about to die...alright I know it's just me XD

Oh, and I totally agree on exp scroll quests being an awesome idea ('-';) I've been doing spice gals one for a couple weeks since I go there to ENM40 anyways(+2.5k exp, too), and I think it's pretty useful...helps levelling low level jobs you don't wanna bother seeking a PT for :P except I always end up getting 700ish exp out of those scrolls (-_-;)

Eckardt said...

I have yet to do any of those EXP scroll quests in Tavnazia... I guess cause I'm too chicken to go out to a level capped area as a BLM lol. One day maybe :)

Guankim said...

dun dun DUN! So go as RDM, Eck :P I'll go with you, and dammit, if dual RDM/NINs couldn't handle it, well hell, that's scary xD

Darrett said...

I tried to solo a dragon for a scale as a BLM. It was very dicey and not something I'd do again voluntarily. I know a NIN can solo it, although with a WHM back up it's easier in cease they dragon gets a couple of lucky hits in. Two RDM/NINs maybe, although you'll be limited with just Utsu:ichi.

Once you do spice gals once though you don't have to ever repeat it again. Secrets of Ovens Lost is easy to do (I go in naked).

The Monarch Linn Patrol is not too bad either, just don't get it stuck in the sword mode, that thing is brutal (we think it's DRK).